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Learn To Drive And Hit The High Road…

A Friendly and Reliable Instructor, Here to help you Learn to Drive.

Why Learn To Drive With TDSM

Learn to drive in Walthamstow with a friendly reliable driving instructor who conducts at a pace that is suitable for the individual. Hence with an enviable pass rate for tests. Thus my driving lessons are great for the drivers who have lost their confidence and for those who need to renew their license. Hence, they have not driven for a while.

Before you learn to drive and take driving lessons beginners may not be able to start driving a car until your provisional driving licence application has been accepted and the licence is in your possession.

If you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability, you can start to learn how to drive when you reach your 16th Birthday otherwise you will have to wait until your 17th Birthday.

You can apply for your licence up to 2 months before your licence is due to start. But you MUST NOT learn to drive on the road until your licence has arrived and not until the day of your 17th birthday.

However you can still be studying for your theory test and once you have received your licence you can apply to take the theory test from your birthday onwards.

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Keep All The Waiting To Get A Practical Test To A Minimum

Remember to look at all the different London Theory test centres within your locality as they all have different waiting times. You may be able to save a few weeks wait by travelling a few miles to another test centre

If used correctly, this home study system will avoid the cost of classroom tuition. If you put in the study time and achieve consistent passes on the home study system you should pass the theory test at the first attempt.

Passed Your Theory Test? Here Are Some Reasons Why?

Without having passed your theory test, it is impossible for anyone to book a practical test. So if you are told by another company that they guarantee you a driving test for the last day of the course look at the small print. You will probably find “subject to availability from the DVSA”

Even if a practical test can be found at very short notice you will probably not get any training in the area in which you will take the test. You may also have to travel a long way to get to the test centre.

There will be one less thing to worry about during your course and remember that if you did not pass your theory test you would not be able to take your practical driving test at the end of your course and that the time taken to actually sit the test is valuable time lost behind the wheel for which there is no substitute.

The test is split into two parts. The first consists of a multiple choice question section. To pass this part you must answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly.The second part is the hazard perception test. The pass mark for this part of the test is 44 out of 75.Candidates must pass both parts of the test to obtain a test certificate.


Practical Test

The practical driving test lasts for about 40-minutes and will take place in one of the Driving Test Centres within the East of England, on the last day of your course*. The important thing to remember is that there will be no surprises in it. The examiner will be looking at your general driving skills and your ability to carry out one of the 3 set manoeuvres.

Park in a bay – either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do), Parallel park at the side of the road, Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic and possibility of the Emergency stop. Independent driving, following directions from a sat nav (Approx 20 minutes).

Learn to drive in Walthamstow with TDSM Driving School


The examiner will ask you 2 show me tell me vehicle safety questions during your driving test – these are known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. You will have covered all these required skills during your course and will have practised all the manoeuvres many times.

DVSA examiners are taught to look for a perfect drive, whilst accepting that they will rarely find it, because of this you are allowed some driving errors, whilst still gaining a pass. Your instructor will have explained the marking system to you during your course so that you will not panic if you see the examiner putting pen to paper.

Before sitting your practical test you will have passed at least one mock test with your instructor, so that both you and your instructor will know that you are more than capable of passing. Most candidates are nervous about taking the test and this is taken into account by the examiner. After a short period of time you should settle down and your confidence and training will take over, you may actually start to enjoy yourself.

Subject to a Driving Test Being Available By The DVSA*

Should the Pupil fail to reach a satisfactory standard of driving and is likely to be a danger to other road users, or is in an unfit condition through substance or alcohol abuse, the ADI has a responsibility to the DVSA examiners not to allow the use of the training vehicle for the purpose of the Driving Test. This is in the interest of the pupil, the examiner and other road users and is a precautionary safety measure. Driving Vehicle Standards Agency guidelines do not allow for a pupil to take a practical test just for the experience.

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