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What our customers have to say about TDSM Driving School.

TDSM Driving School pride ourselves on our high quality driving lessons and we have many testimonials & reviews from previous customers that will fill you with confidence!

Emma Cornwell


Ryan is a brilliant driving instructor and I couldn't recommend Ryan enough. I only started to learn at the age of 30 having put off learning to drive for a long time. I was very nervous about learning to drive especially in London given all the traffic and having been involved in an accident 10 years ago. Ryan provided excellent instruction and made me feel at ease from day 1. I always felt safe and Ryan worked to quickly build up my confidence and hone my skills. Speaking to a number of friends, it's clear that Ryan teaches skills to a degree that other instructors don't (its a matter of pride to him that you can do a perfect bay park or turn in the road etc!). If your looking to learn to drive in east London, i would strongly recommend Ryan. Ryan takes great pride in his work and a teaching style that worked really well for me - i am now happily driving around London


Milda Toliušytė


Ryan is the best driving instructor I know. I was incredibly nervous when I first started learning with him, as I had really bad experiences with a previous instructor. Ryan helped me feel at ease, supported me through all my silly mistakes, helped me feel calm and now I feel very confident behind the steering wheel. Ryan is really patient, extremely focused, honest, reliable and knowledgeable driving instructor! He is a real PRO. I would highly recommend anyone to have Ryan as a driving instructor!


Ben Bentley


I don't normally write reviews but.....

Ryan is the best instructor I have ever come across. Unfortunately for me I've come across a fair few of driving instructors and I can confidently tell you this guy knows what he is doing. After many years of frustration I pass with Ryan with just 6 lessons.

Use Ryan as your instructor and you never be disappointed.


Alison Dunne


I did quite a bit of research to find a really good local driving instructor (after some negative driving lesson experiences in the past). As a result Ryan looked like the best option and I was not disappointed - Ryan really is an excellent and reliable instructor! He has lots of patience and a natural, clear teaching style that helped me build skills and confidence very rapidly. He got me to test standard much quicker than I expected and lessons were always enjoyable as Ryan has a great sense of humour! I would thoroughly recommend Ryan and TDSM.


Sarah Burton


When I started learning with Ryan I was completely new to driving. From lesson number one right up until passing my test, his method of teaching is spot on. He delivers his lessons to a very high standard. When finding things difficult, I found he would simply tailor his teaching to me and if I still didn't get it, teach me another way. Ryan is certainly very good at helping you build your confidence and knows what he's talking about. In terms of booking lessons, a VERY reliable instructor - never once had a problem. You'll be driving like a pro in no time.


Pete Beveridge


I contacted the TDSM having decided to finally learn to drive in my early forties. My only previous experience behind the wheel of a car was driving my brother's Ford Capri a short distance down a road sometime in the 1980s! I was also unsure if I could learn without a vehicle at home to practice in but from my very first lesson with Ryan of TDSM I was put at my ease. With Ryan's tuition I passed my test first time after 36 lessons!


Liam Shaw


I had previously taken lessons elsewhere, failed my test. I felt I wasn't getting enough help so I decided to look elsewhere. I came across Ryan & I'm so glad I did, Ryan spotted my driving errors, helped me correct them, guided me through and practiced my driving until perfect. Ryan has great tips, He has helped broaden my driving knowledge and skills in such a short period of time. Ryan is a character indeed, I don't think you will find an instructor anywhere else like him, Fun, likeable and very easy to get along with, he makes driving comfortable! Nothing but good vibes and energy!I would highly recommend him to anyone, that's If you want to learn how to drive and pass your test!

Top Man


Hans Goetze


Excellent Driving Instructor - fair prices - modern car. Having had previous experience driving outside the UK, Ryan specifically prepared me for those traffic situations that are UK-specific such as: (double) mini-roundabouts, different roadlayouts, rules on signaling etc. He was also very knowledgeable on the possible test routes and he pointed out the places on those were I had to be specifially careful durring my test. Highly recommended!


Davina Whittle


Good Instructor, know's exactly what he is talking about and will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. It's worth the money. I passed both theory and practical first time and TDSM contributed towards that. The instructor has the answers to the questions you need answering without having to consult the manual. He is supportive and has a unique constructive way of making you understand and teaching you the terminology relating to the test. Not only did he give me essential information about my theory test he also encouraged me to go for my test which i passed with only 4 lessons with TDSM.


Esther kigoz


Driving with TDSM and having Ryan as an instructor was the best experience has he got me up and ready for my draving test which I passed FIRST TIME! Ryan is great and an excellent instructor, very easy to talk to and have a laugh with. Definitely recommended !!!!!!!!!!!


Ibukun Makinde


I strongly recommend RYAN as a driving instructor if you want to have an adventure during your driving lessons. He doesn't make you feel stupid or don't know anything. I only had 5 lessons with him and he helped me pass my driving test. During test, he his calm with you, teaches you well, if you don't understand he will go over it, make sure you ACTUALLY understand before he moves on unlike some instructor that THINKS you understand. HE gives a mock test as well, to see your strength and weakness and he correct them for you. RYAN see the positive in people, he sees the GOOD driver in you not the BAD. He gives you confidence even when your doubting yourself at times. I strongly Recommend TDSM/RYAN as your driving instructor you will have a great time, he laughs, chit chat, and have banters while your doing your driving lesson which will make you feel at ease. HE HIS BRILLIANT. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU USE RYAN/TDSM


Adam Kotulecki


After loads of wasted cash with 3 previous instructors and 2 tests, I passed first time with Ryan after just 6 hours! Good bloke, good car, and now very good friend. SERIOUSLY Recommended !


Marek Rohde


I have just passed my exam today with only 20 hrs driving (1st time pass) with Ryan who is great person and excellent instructor, very patients and reliable. He has excellent knowledge of test routes and makes you aware and understand common driving faults so on the test you feel like a confident driver. Ryan understand my mistakes and let me learn from them, he did not scream or shout at me like other instructors if you do something wrong. Thank you once again for helping me learn how to drive safely and effectively on roads. Lessons are not cheap but money well spent   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & BRILLIANT